After Pyra Labs (The maker of Blogger), and advertisement companies like Applied Semantics and Sprinks, it’s the turn of an email software company Neotonic Software. Neotonic Software is a San Francisco-based start-up which specializes in e-mail customer support. Google have also hired David Jeske, co-founder of Neotonic and the former director of engineering for eGroups (which now exists as Yahoo! Groups).

The move is being seen as a step for Google to move into providing services for e-mail discussion groups, in competition with Yahoo. Google also needs such a strong support channel for its upcoming webmail service GMail. And according to, the service could push Google into yet another field of operations: licensing customer resource management tools to small businesses.

Google is not giving out much details and the company’s website has a small message mentioning the acquisition. Google has also recently started testing Google Groups 2 which with head on competes with Yahoo! Groups.