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Google Acquires JotSpot Wiki Collaboration Software

Google has acquired Jotspot, which allows businesses and individuals to use wikis for collaboration. Google made the announcement today on the Google Blog, and gave some clues to their possible Google Borg integration intentions:

After all, information created by a single user becomes exponentially more valuable when it’s shared and combined with information from other people or places. We’ve been tackling this step by step for awhile now, including enabling people to move their calendars, photos and documents onto the web — unlocking them from one PC or one piece of paper to open up a wide range of possibilities for working, planning, socializing, organizing, and so on.

JotSpot will shortly be making the transition over to Google’s software architecture and Joe Kraus of JotSpot also discusses the acquisition at the Google Blog.

Bill Slawski of SEO by the SEA is an enthusiastic JotSpot user and adds :

This was an excellent choice for Google, and the program provides a nice additional tool to go along with Google’s Docs and spreadsheets. There is some overlap between what it offers, and what those programs provide, but the addition of the team behind JotSpot should work to make the programs even better.

Bill also reviews JotSpot patents in his post, Google Acquires Jotspot, Inc. & Wiki Patent Application.

Greg Sterling also adds that he’d like to see some integration within Google Groups, which has its socil collaboration offering of its own:

Jotspot is an online collaboration tool for businesses and is thus “social.” But Google Groups just added some social, Wiki-like elements itself. What will be the relationship between Jotspot and Google Groups be “going forward?”

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Google Acquires JotSpot Wiki Collaboration Software

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