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Goodbye Yahoo Auctions

As part of the ongoing restructuring of Yahoo which is focused on cutting off the products which are not working and pumping revenue and manpower into the services which are, Yahoo is following its closing of Yahoo Photos with the retirement of Yahoo Auctions.

Yahoo Auctions will be closing down in the US & Canada (not in Asia) on June 16th.

From Yahoo Auctions:

The US and Canada Auctions sites will close June 16, 2007. We will continue to provide our sellers, bidders, and buyers with quality customer care and a limited set of features and tools through October 29, 2007.
Please keep the following dates in mind when using the Yahoo! US and Canada Auction sites:

• Last day to list an item: June 3, 2007
• Listings will not auto re-submit after June 3, 2007. (This could mean that your listings may not be submitted 5 times)
• Last day to Bid/Buy: June 16, 2007
• Last day to access remaining site tools such as My Account: October 29, 2007

Why isn’t Yahoo Auctions working for Yahoo in the US? Simply put, because everyone uses eBay and managing online auctions is a time consuming process. I also wonder if the closing of Yahoo Auctions has anything to do with the huge Yahoo eBay partnership which has Yahoo using Paypal as its online payment system of choice and eBay serving Yahoo Ads in its search results?

Yahoo can better spend its money and manpower focusing on social media vehicles and search powered channels which will expand the reach of their new sponsored search technology in Yahoo Panama.

Yahoo Shopping, Classifieds and Yahoo Autos are still going strong and will remain open.

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Goodbye Yahoo Auctions

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