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GoGuides Search Directory Off Market, Looks for Partners

In December, GoGuides- the volunteer run web search directory which is based on the old Go Guides directory, was put on the market. According to a GoGuides release, they were approached by numerous individuals and corporations showing great interest in buying the directory.

GoGuides.Org was created by Mr. Robert Barger just days after the closure of the volunteer directory.

From a GoGuides spokesperson, “We were astonished by the offers that poured in and the amounts that some search engines were willing to pay for this project. In the end, it was Mr. Barger’s sole decision to pull GoGuides back off the market. This decision was due largely to the outcry from the volunteers in the community and his passion for this project. Because of those factors, we withdraw all offers to sell. It has always been our utmost desire at GoGuides to see this community continue to grow and prosper. Keeping the same owner at the helm will ensure this community stays on track.”

The previous owners of GoGuides decided to split on ownership, and one went on her separate way while GoGuides will continue the directory in the direction of its full volunteer based vision.

Seeking Search Engine Partners

GoGuides is also seeking to form long-lasting partnerships with other directories and search engines. For more information, please email the Search Engine Journal at the email address at the very bottom of our site. If you represent a sound web entity or search engine, we will put you in touch with GoGuides for usage of their search directory listings on your site.

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GoGuides Search Directory Off Market, Looks for Partners

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