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GoFish and IceRocket Partner for Multimedia Search

GoFish and IceRocket Partner for Multimedia Search

GoFish and IceRocket search have partnered to deliver the largest single searchable universe of digital media downloads encompassing the categories of audio, video, mobile content, and games. By developing proprietary search algorithms, hosting regular updates, and offering partners access via an open API, GoFish is delivering a turn-key solution and quantifiable benefits to search engines and portals working to address the demand for multimedia downloads.

IceRocket, the multi-fucntion search engine which is partially funded by Mark Cuban, is helping to bring GoFish multimedia search results to its millions of searchers. IceRocket is a buzz generating search engine which also offers web search, blog search, and meta dating search.

IceRocket MediaOn top of the IceRocket partnership, GoFish Technologies, Inc. also released their search plug-in for the Mozilla Firefox browser as well as a new “GoFish This!” search tool for Internet Explorer and other popular browsers.

“We built these tools in response to requests from our customers for even more consistent and streamlined ways to search and discover downloadable music, videos, and other multimedia content on the web,” said Michael Downing, co-founder and CEO of GoFish Technologies, Inc. “Combining GoFish search technology with traditional web search and browsing provides consumers with a new level of visibility into the world of available multimedia content.”

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GoFish and IceRocket Partner for Multimedia Search

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