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Candice Michelle Super Bowl GoDaddy Commercial

Candice Michelle Super Bowl GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy’s new Super Bowl Commercial was finally approved by ABC Censors after 15 tries from the Domain Registration company. The commerical will feature WWE Diva Candice Michelle again this year, and are sure to turn some heads and have 15 year old boys across the nation running to their computer to download unedited commercial footage.

GoDaddy has taken advertising and publicity to new heights with their series of scandalous commercials. Additionally, Candice has been on a buzz tour and will be stopping by Jay Leno Monday night on NBC.

GoDaddy President Bob Parsons is taking an us against the media censors approach to the commercial ‘controversy’ and has given visitors of GoDaddy a chance to review the ads and storyboards which were rejected :

We made available the chronology with accompanying video and storyboards of the steps we’ve taken to get our ad approved. As you will see by reviewing the chronology we made 13 submissions which were all rejected. For each rejection we’ve provided a video, a storyboard or a screen shot.

Speaking of Super Bowl Commercials, for some extra footage of Candice Michelle check out Yahoo Video Search (dependent on your safe search settings one of these clips may not be safe for work).

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Candice Michelle Super Bowl GoDaddy Commercial

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