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GMusic : Google Music vs. Apple iTunes?

GMusic : Google Music vs. Apple iTunes?

Google is already selling video downloads of sporting events and television programs via their Google Video Store, but recent happenings which follow a Google Launch trend have led to expectations that Google will soon be launching a Google Music Store, or GMusic, which may compete with Apple iTunes.

ZDNet’s Garett Rogers recieved this leaked email from one of his inside sources:

* “Google Music” is not going to be the final name. There are a few names on the table, including “GMusic” and “Google Tunes”. I can’t say either is a huge improvement.

* Google Desktop will have an interface for the music thing, with a search and media player built-in.

* Leak Name was sketchy on this part, but he was fairly sure that Google will reformat Google Video Player for all media. It should be able to play video and music, and maybe integrate Google Pictures with a picture viewer similar to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

* All music video previews on GMusic or whatever will be “.gvi” format, and that for copyright reasons the files would either be un-downloadable or cut to 30 seconds. I’m hoping for the former, I want to be able to see the whole video.

* All music videos will have their own section in Google Video.

And from Threadwatch:

The most recent evidence is adding “/music” to’s robots.txt file, meaning that such a subdirectory is expected to be created any time.

We also noticed this odd behaviour earlier today. No ‘’ Web site exists on the public Internet. But searching Google’s index for ‘’ yields a different result than the standard ‘Sorry, no information is available for the URL’ error message.

Only fitting that the launch of Google Music Store, or GMusic, would come around the same time as this month’s surprise Google Investor Conference Call webcast, which is being held on May 31st.

Last quarter Apple reported that iTunes (and other music accessories) brought in $216 million in sales. One has to wonder what Google could do in this highly competitive market that MSN & Yahoo are also part of.

Will GMusic be a threat to iTunes?

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GMusic : Google Music vs. Apple iTunes?

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