New Gmail Shortcut : Delete Email Messages

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Amit Agarwal has unearthed a new shortcut for Google’s Gmail which lets users instantly Trash a mail by hitting the “#” button (shift-3).

The user can also select multiple emails and do a mass delete by using this shortcut. For some reason, the GMail delete shortcut is not listed on the GMail Shortcuts page:

Google GMail Shortcuts

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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  • Bashar

    Remember when Gmail launched, the delete button was only accessible through drop down menu. Firefox extension was made to add Delete button. Soon after Gmail added their own.

  • Vinay

    Nice ones !!!

  • pinger

    as always everybody forgot about opera and command..

  • pinger

    as always everybody forgot about opera ‘tab’ and ‘enter’ command..

  • alex guzman

    When i click on the username box, i have a bunch of email addresses and usernames. How can i clear all my gmail addresses from the logon box?

  • sigs

    but what about if after i delete the email i want gmail to open to the next mail. any shortcut keys or settings for that? thanks.