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GMail Rewards Users with 2GB + Space

GMail Rewards Users with 2GB + Space

GMail Rewards Users with 2GB + Space

Today was a good day for Google GMail users, with Google expanding the GMail web mail storage capacity to 2 gigabytes and beyond. While Yahoo plans to expand to 1 GB and MSN Hotmail is expanding to 250 MB, Google is leaving everyone in its dust by expanding its GMail mathematically by the milli-second. That’s a lot of space. We made it a point tonight to gather the opinions of the announcement by different GMail users. After reading the thoughts of the new GMail announcement, I thought this quote put it best; “Now why doesn’t Google offer webhosting? I wouldn’t mind having 2gb of webspace and virtually unlimited bandwidth.”

Adnan Siddiqi : Gmail turns 1 today(1st april) and your gmail inbox is 2GB of size now.its Tooo much for me..its not an April fool joke ,go to, an intresting javascript counter is running on main page ,telling the current size of your Inbox(just a simulation),the more intresting thing is that if you change your system date greater than to 2 April it will greet you with the message Over 2000 megabytes of storage (and counting) for every user.

Suman writes : I thought 1GB of email space that Gmail offers is enough for my life time, Google apparently has a different view, they are upgrading email space from a generous 1GB to outrageous 2GB and they are doing this in a unique “Google style”. You have to log out of Gmail to check a counter that is *actually* showing the current size of each and every Gmail user’s mailbox. Gmail plans to keep the counter ticking till 2GB for now and keep adding more space whenever they find spare hard disks around.

Sushubh Mittal of TechWhack : 1 GB at times is not just good enough. Internet is not going anywhere and same with us. It is going to remain a medium to communicate for a long time and that would require space.

Google understands this and have an assurance that with GMail, we will not have to worry about it. For starters, they are giving us an additional GB. That means we would now have GMail accounts with 2 GB storage space. In addition, they have plans to keep increasing it to even higher levels. With free pop/smtp support and mail forwarding available, it still is a surprise that some people go for paid services at Yahoo Mail! and Hotmail.

They are at this very moment running a counter on their website. The value of the counter is being upgrading the webmail storage of every GMail account around continuously! We expect this counter to last until the time it reaches the 2GB mark. Or maybe not! Maybe Google will just let it continue to fulfill their promise of infinity plus one initiative!

The Feed : Google just announced that they’re going to increase the capacity of their Gmail accounts to 2GB. They also mentioned that they will continue to increase the size, when they have the capacity. Wow, how big do e-mail accounts need to be? What I really want is for them to increase the maximum attachment size. With 2GB of storage space, I think they should allow at least 100MB attachments, if it’s feasible.

And from Andy Beal : “The announcement comes exactly one year after the launch of Gmail. There were rumors that Google would be taking Gmail out of “beta” stating, “one year is more than long enough for any product to be in beta”, but it turned out to be an April Fools joke.”

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GMail Rewards Users with 2GB + Space

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