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GMail Offering Auto Save for Email Composing

GMail Offering Auto Save for Email Composing

Google GMail has been adding tweaks to its interface which have not been making huge news, but have been keeping GMail users happy with Google’s email service. Such positive usability is the foundation of Google’s GMail service and will be a force in keeping users active who are being forced to build GMail / Google accounts for Google Talk, Orkut, Google Groups, and now Google AdWords. TechWhack provides a review of the new GMail Auto Save feature;

[Gmail] automatically saves mails being composed after a period of time to drafts. Neither Yahoo! Mail nor Hotmail seems to have this at the moment and we expect them to introduce something similar soon. There is no setting to be enabled for this as it works out of the box. You compose a mail and Google Gmail takes care of the rest as drafts are made automatically.

Google has been steadily improving the Gmail service. It now supports practically all the browsers available on the web. Third party services even allow WAP users to connect to it. It has free mail forwarding and POP/SMTP facility. The storage space for email is growing even at this very moment. Yahoo! is working on releasing its next generation mail interface in the coming months. It would be interesting to see how it competes with the Google Gmail.

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GMail Offering Auto Save for Email Composing

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