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Gmail Launches Email Overload-Fighting Feature

Starting yesterday, Google has begun rolling out its newest feature in Gmail – Priority Inbox. With this handy new tool, users now get a little help when it comes to sorting their inboxes. Using algorithms and additional information that it will learn from your mailbox habits, it will help sort your emails for you into three default (but there is an option for a fourth as pointed out by Tech Crunch) sections: Import and unread, starred, and everything else.

The people you correspond with the most will be in the top section along with unread mail, “starred” messages are those that aren’t of the utmost importance, but you might need to reference or get back to at any given time and “everything else” is well…exactly that. This feature could become increasingly valuable for those people that communicate with an overwhelmingly large amount of contacts every day. Having a tool that automatically organizes everything for you is like the personal assistant you’ve always wanted. Being able to open your Gmail at any time and automatically being able to see which emails require your immediate attention and which can wait awhile will save people a lot of time and, in essence, increase personal productivity.

On their official blog, Google has a video that they suggest you watch as you prepare to set up the new email overload fighting feature.

Not all Gmail users have access to the Priority Inbox as of yet. Over the next week the new tool will become available to everyone; just keep an eye out for the “New! Priority Inbox” link at the top of your Gmail account or check your settings for the Priority Inbox tab.

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Gmail Launches Email Overload-Fighting Feature

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