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Google’s Inbox App Now Returns Smarter, More Useful Search Results

gmail inbox app update

An update to Google’s Inbox app, an alternative to Gmail, will see its search engine return more intelligent results. When possible, the app will deliver immediate answers when searching for things like tracking numbers, or your next flight departure time.

Search results will be displayed in the form of cards, similar to what’s seen in the Google app and Android operating system. Inbox will recommend a section of “Top results” based on what it believes to be most relevant to your query.

Should you need them, results of individual emails will also be displayed, but the goal of this update is to prevent people from combing through their email to find what they’re looking for.

Inbox will now be able to surface instant answers when searching for:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Membership numbers
  • Flights
  • Frequent flyer numbers
  • Events
  • Bills
  • Packing tracking numbers

Inbox has always excelled at highlighting important information contained in emails — this update takes it a step further by allowing people to request that information and receive it right away. This is especially helpful if you receive a large volume of email throughout the day, resulting in your important data getting quickly buried.

These new features are available now by downloading the latest version of Inbox from your respective app store.

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Google’s Inbox App Now Returns Smarter, More Useful Search Results

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