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Gigablast Better than Google or : According to Study

Gigablast, a personal favorite and privately owned and operated search engine, just released the findings of their search “taste test” where the majority of study participants, over 55%, found the Gigablast search results to be as good as, or better than, search results from Google.

  • The study compared Gigablast’s and Google’s search results side-by-side, without brand names or logos, with over 220 participants.
  • Forty-eight sample search queries were used, with the queries comprising an unbiased selection of the top queries of 2007, as reported by Google’s own Google Zeitgeist service.
  • The majority of study participants were from North America (approximately 73% of participants).

Compared with’s search results in a separate study, Gigablast performed even better.

  • 44% of users preferred Gigablast to (versus only 34% of users who preferred Ask to Gigablast).
  • Including tie votes, 66% of users voted Gigablast better than, or as good as,

Gigablast says that comparison studies with Microsoft Live Search and Yahoo are now in progress.

“Our users have always been passionate about Gigablast search, but the outcome of these studies represents great validation of the quality, relevance, and freshness of the Gigablast search results,” said Matt Wells, CEO and Founder of Gigablast. “When combined with our intuitive user interface, our industry-leading privacy policy, and our flexible business services, the results of these studies demonstrate that Gigablast is an exceptional search alternative.”

Granted, Gigablast did the study themselves, and this kind of PR does not usually make it to the blog, but like I said, I’ve been a longtime fan of Gigablast and have always considered their algorithm as one of the majors that I track client rankings on. I’m excited to see more coming out of Gigablast.

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Gigablast Better than Google or : According to Study

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