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Getty Images Launches ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Generator

Explore Generative AI by Getty Images, a feature powered by NVIDIA, that comes with unlimited indemnification and commercially safe images.

  • Getty Images and NVIDIA have partnered to introduce Generative AI for creating images for commercial use.
  • The new feature offers text-prompt-to-image generation, allowing tailored visuals based from simple inputs.
  • Getty Images focuses on commercial safety through indemnification and training on licensed creative content.
generative ai by getty images powered by nvidia

Getty Images, the visual content giant, recently partnered with NVIDIA, a leader in computing technology, to introduce a groundbreaking service: Generative AI by Getty Images.

This AI-driven image generation service is powered by NVIDIA Picasso, a custom AI model tailored to transform the content creation landscape in commercial safety and scalability.

Generative AI By Getty Images Offers Commercial Safety

Built on NVIDIA’s reliable computing infrastructure, the AI Generator aims to enhance creativity and content creation by synthesizing high-quality images.

The service offers an end-to-end solution that combines seamlessly with Getty Images’ extensive library of licensed content. The partnership signals a move toward automating visual design without sacrificing quality or safety.

Perhaps most intriguing is the technology’s commitment to commercial safety.

Because the NVIDIA Picasso model was trained on Getty Images’ curated library, Getty Images promises “uncapped indemnification” (financial protection) from intellectual property claims.

Such a feature must not be underestimated in a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment.

The system’s API allows for text prompt-to-image generation.

Customers can describe their desired visuals, and the AI tool produces corresponding images in real-time.

This could prove transformative for industries such as advertising, design, and digital marketing, who can now fine-tune their visual assets easily.

Despite the technological prowess, questions about responsible AI use persist.

Getty Images ensures precautions have been taken to block prompts that could generate problematic content.

Additionally, the partnership includes a model that compensates original content creators, aligning with ongoing discussions about AI ethics and creator remuneration.

The announcement from Getty Images follows a succession of recent updates from companies working to expand generative AI image creation and editing.

Shutterstock Partners With OpenAI For Generative AI

Shutterstock launched its AI image generator in January 2023.

The company partnered with OpenAI to develop its generative AI features for customers and to compensate artists when their artwork is used as part of AI training data.

While the implications of AI in the creative field continue to be hotly debated, Shutterstock presented a well-thought-out framework that addresses ethical concerns.

It also indemnifies customers using the AI image generation tool for commercial projects.

In addition to its generative AI plans for customers, it also announced a Contributor Fund. The fund aims to equitably compensate Shutterstock contributors whose work was used in developing AI technology.

Shutterstock has also partnered with NVIDIA to create generative AI tools for 3D workflows.

Adobe Adds Firefly To Creative Cloud Membership

Adobe recently added Firefly to its lineup for Creative Cloud subscribers. Firefly’s generative AI capabilities are expansive, covering many creative tasks.

For instance, with Generative Fill and Generative Expand in Photoshop, users can utilize simple text prompts to alter content within any image. The tool even allows the canvas to be effortlessly expanded, filling the added space with matching content.

In Adobe Illustrator, the Generative Recolor feature offers the possibility of infinite color combinations through simple text prompts, speeding up the often laborious task of color matching and palette creation.

Adobe Express also gets a dose of Firefly magic. The app now includes generative AI Text to Image and Text Effects features, making creating captivating social media posts more accessible than ever.

Adobe ensures this technology’s ethical and responsible use through its commitment to the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).

Like Shutterstock, Adobe plans to compensate Adobe Stock contributors whose work was used in AI training.

Canva Adds Google And OpenAI Image Apps

A week after Adobe’s announcement, Canva revealed that its users now have access to three apps for AI-powered image generation: Text to Image by Canva, Imagen by Google Cloud, and DALL·E by OpenAI.

Initially launched in 2022, Canva’s Text to Image has been a groundbreaking feature. This app allows users to input text descriptions and produce images almost instantaneously.

The rapid adoption of this feature, demonstrated by the creation of nearly 290 million images, attests to its utility across various sectors, from social media management to business communications.

In addition, partnerships with Google Cloud and OpenAI offer additional avenues of generative AI creativity for Canva users.

Unlike Text to Image, which is integrated into the Canva experience, DALL·E and Imagen are accessible through Canva’s app marketplace, bringing top-tier AI technologies into one centralized platform for creative professionals.

Screenshot from Canva, September 2023

Though Canva’s apps operate independently, they are designed to be harmoniously integrated into the platform’s overall user experience. Users can jump from text to image without the hassle of navigating multiple tools or platforms.

While the ethical and safety aspects of AI in design are under constant scrutiny, Canva notes that it has invested heavily in responsible technology.

However, Canva does not explicitly say that images generated with AI tools are safe for use in commercial projects.

DALL·E 3 Is Coming To ChatGPT, Bing, And Microsoft Designer

OpenAI’s latest text-to-image model, DALL·E 3, will become available in ChatGPT Plus, Bing Image Creator, and Microsoft Designer this fall.

Regarding commercial use, OpenAI’s support page notes the following:

“Subject to the Content Policy and Terms, you own the images you create with DALL·E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise – regardless of whether an image was generated through a free or paid credit.”

With regards to Microsoft’s tools powered by DALL·E, Bing Image Creator terms specify that images are for non-commercial use only.

General Microsoft terms also state that “Unless otherwise specified, the Services are for your personal and non-commercial use.”

Making Generative AI Tools Safer For Commercial Use

As major tech platforms and services integrate generative AI features, it democratizes the design process for marketers and SEO professionals to produce high-quality, compelling content more quickly and intuitively.

It’s important, however, for users to consider acceptable usage terms and available legal protections when using AI-generated images for commercial projects.

Featured image: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

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Getty Images Launches ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Generator

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