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Getting Started with Conversion Rate Optimization


Just because your website’s old color scheme attracted lots of visitors, that doesn’t that it will still work this time. In online marketing, any element that generates more conversion for their business is important. Regardless of your personal preference, conversion rate optimization is about what appeals to your target market. It means deciding on the data that your analytics present to you.

Testing Website Elements

If you have your website for a long time now, it’s already established that a big red “Buy Now!” button will generate more revenue than the blue one. You know because you conducted a test on both button colors. Although you have the data that tells you which button drives significant income, there are possible obstacles that will block your road to optimization.

Campaign Level Experts

Be on the lookout in case you are surrounded by people who thinks that they can boss you around with what you do, including your website’s color scheme. Before you start the “this color is better” argument, make sure that you have the incremental revenue number handy. This will prove that a change in color scheme would generate more income that your website’s previous hue.

Web Designers

It’s a no-brainer that there are web designers who love to apply the latest web design trend on almost every websites. But what they didn’t know is that there can be a deviant element that converts customers significantly. Unfortunately, the numbers cannot convince them. The best thing that you can do is allow them to test both elements. That way, they can prove to themselves which one works better.

IT Personnel

Since people at the IT department are usually over worked, it could be a hassled for them if there will be changes in the website’s scheme. If you’re testing a web element that requires the favor of IT department, you might end up running out of favor. Worse, your test could get a bad rap. You can avoid this by making an “IT free” test as possible. Moreover, be ready to present those data that proves which elements convert more visitors than the other.


Other than personal preference, your business website’s CRO campaign can also be contrained by limited budget. Business owners cling to their resources rather than moving their campaign to a place that it will generate more. You can convince them by presenting the numbers on which elements work better.

Allow them to test and apply one element until they can acquire enough revenue to experiment with another. That way, it’ll be easy for you to lead them to their best CRO campaign.


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Getting Started with Conversion Rate Optimization

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