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Getting Delisted From DMOZ

Getting Delisted From DMOZ

Sure, webmasters may have no problems being delisted or ‘banned’ by Google due to some redirects or canoncial URLS, but when it comes to trying to change your site’s description or take your site out of DMOZ (Open Directory Project) publishers run into a different story.

Abakus covered the problem of Brian Turner and Britecorp Internet Marketing, who begged DMOZ editors to remove his listing from the popular directory because the DMOZ description of his site was not only lame, but was also being served as the default description in Google results : Includes service details, webmaster articles, and contact details. “The Meta description on Britecorp sites is “Britecorp’s internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) services, focussed upon Link Building and Web Hosting across IP ranges – based in Stirling, Scotland”. Just a bit more verbose and noted the SEO site of things.”

Brian ran into a lot of pushing back from DMOZ editors but when he alerted them to his business changing locations, someone finally moved the site to another category and rewrote the description as very keyword friendly and almost spammy : “Offers search engine optimisation, webdesign, webhosting and internet consultancy. Includes service details, webmaster articles, and contact details.”

Moral of the story : Double check your DMOZ descriptions as they may appear in your site’s Google results one day and if the description is not up to par, could hurt your business.

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Getting Delisted From DMOZ

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