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Get Your Website Reviewed By Google This Monday, November 18th

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Get Your Website Reviewed By Google This Monday, November 18th

Google’s John Mueller announced on Google+ that on Monday, November 18th, they will be offering live, online reviews of websites during their office hours.

If you’re a website owner this is an unprecedented opportunity to have someone from Google look through your website and provide feedback right on the spot.

Feedback will be given during a Google+ hangout where you can watch live as someone from Google reviews websites that have been submitted for review. Go here to add your site to the list.

Since the reviews are happening live for all to see, this is also a great opportunity to learn from other sites. During the Hangout you can find out what others are doing right or wrong, and then apply that knowledge to your site.

Have you been trying hard to please Google to no avail? Here’s a rare chance to find out directly from Google exactly what is holding your site back from achieving the ranking you think it deserves.

To be sure you don’t miss this event, you can add it to your Google calendar by following this link.

Are you going to submit your site for review? What would you specifically want to ask Google about your site if you had the chance? I’m curious, so let me know in the comments section!


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