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Get Natural ‘DoFollow’ Links from Delicious

Jon Henshaw of Raven SEO Tools has put together some tips on getting the most out of your (formerly known as bookmarked links, as Delicious tends to lift the NoFollow attribute after a link has been bookmarked by other Delicious users.

Hey, that’s easy. And natural, good move Delicious because sites which attract natural bookmarks and votes, deserve to be linked to naturally 🙂

AND if not many people are voting for something, well then keeping NoFollow makes sense so Delicious does not link out to SPAM.

After doing some investigation, it appears that Delicious intentionally removed the nofollow attribute from the “Everyone’s Bookmarks for” page. If a unique link has been bookmarked by more than one person, this page becomes accessible via a link on every account that bookmarked it. The link then has two dofollow links on it, one of which uses actual anchor text instead of the URL.

Jon lists some easy steps to getting the NoFollow removed from Delicious bookmarks on Raven SEO Tools.

[Thanks for the Twip Fantomaster]

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Get Natural ‘DoFollow’ Links from Delicious

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