Get Natural ‘DoFollow’ Links from Delicious

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Jon Henshaw of Raven SEO Tools has put together some tips on getting the most out of your (formerly known as bookmarked links, as Delicious tends to lift the NoFollow attribute after a link has been bookmarked by other Delicious users.

Hey, that’s easy. And natural, good move Delicious because sites which attract natural bookmarks and votes, deserve to be linked to naturally 🙂

AND if not many people are voting for something, well then keeping NoFollow makes sense so Delicious does not link out to SPAM.

After doing some investigation, it appears that Delicious intentionally removed the nofollow attribute from the “Everyone’s Bookmarks for” page. If a unique link has been bookmarked by more than one person, this page becomes accessible via a link on every account that bookmarked it. The link then has two dofollow links on it, one of which uses actual anchor text instead of the URL.

Jon lists some easy steps to getting the NoFollow removed from Delicious bookmarks on Raven SEO Tools.

[Thanks for the Twip Fantomaster]

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Jeff Wyatt

    Unfortunately, the links are still nofollowed on the Delicious pages in question…

    The nofollow tag has been removed from the link itself, FACT, but the robots metatag for the page still has the nofollow attribute in there.

  • Tagesgeld

    I wonderd as they do it.

  • Senthil

    Yes, Delicious Keyword Search result page contain NoFollow Tag “”

  • Bigge O

    Do you NEVER do any research when you write your posts?

    As commented above, Delicious do NOT dofollow.

    It doesn’t take such a long time to check these kind of things on beforehand.

  • Social Service Organization India

    ya even iahev teh same thing from a long time in my mind


  • Nairobian Perspective

    im confused now….no follow u guys at all!

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    I apologize for the unclear slip up. Yes, Jeff, correct, the robots meta for the page still has No Follow in it. But there is still value here.

    Which leads to a deeper question : How is the NoFollow treated?

    Yahoo DOES index and identify new sites and pages via Delicious.
    Various engines have been known to ignore the REP commands, especially Yahoo and MSN.
    Scraper sites do not scrape Meta data, but do scrape the HTML coding (without the NoFollow).
    And again, Meta No Follow will assist with indexing if there are links to the page from other sources also :

  • alexc

    > Which leads to a deeper question : How is the NoFollow treated?

    It depends on a search engine, however given that META nofollow as designed to hint search engines that urls from this page should not be followed (as in crawled), where as rel=nofollow is a badly named attribute whose purpose is to hint ranking algorithm to avoid flowing rank to that url.

  • Alessandro Focardi

    @Loren, With your comment you are not reinforcing your article, it is obvious there is some value, there is value in any link.

    Everybody here knows that, your article was titled “Get Natural Dofollow Links from Delicious”, the only difference is before we used to see the nofollow. No real value there.

  • Jon Henshaw

    I own the sloppiness on this one. Forgot to check the META data in my haste. Although there may be some value with these links, there’s certainly none in regards to passing PR or link juice. I apologize to Loren for the very unintentional misleading find. However, one thing is still true, they did remove the nofollow attribute! I’ll make it up to you at IM Spring Break 🙂

  • iCan’t Internet

    I also believe there is value in every link, whether the link has nofollow, or the page has nofollow. The amount of value may differ, but there is still value, search for “follow the path of nofollow”.
    More and more dofollow links start to appear again it seems (also on my blog) and I think that is a good trend…

  • Sam

    Know discussion is already dead, but besides the meta tag, checking robots.txt also helps. All those /url/ pages can’t even be accessed. So Loren, I believe this statement in the comments also no longer holds up “And again, Meta No Follow will assist with indexing if there are links to the page from other sources also”

    Goes for most bots as you can see at

  • Kai Lo

    This author fails. Do a little bit of research before you make such a post. Delicious is still NoFollow. Thanks for the useless information here.

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  • Funny SMS

    It would have been great of Delicious actually made links dofollow.
    Well, lets keep our hope on that 🙂

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    That’s tool actually not working after installed … what happen ?

  • rachel

    nice post… keep it up…