Get More Conversions Using These 12 Twitter Stats #Infographic

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Twitter is an excellent social media platform to grow your brand, both personally and as a company. It is great for introducing new prospects to what you offer, and for converting your existing followers into leads and sales.

Out of all the marketers currently using Twitter, only 34% of them are successfully generating leads via the social network. Understanding Twitter can help you generate more leads isn’t going to magically make them pour in, and firing off random Tweets isn’t the best strategy, either.

My company partnered with HubSpot to create the infographic below in order to highlight tips that will help you improve your Twitter marketing.

Use the information below to start generating more leads via Twitter – but remember that every business needs to test to discover what performs the best results for their particular industry. There is no cookie cutter strategy that will produce the same results for everyone.

Get More Conversions Using These 12 Twitter Stats [Infographic]


Infographic by Market Domination Media. Used with permission.

Jonathan Long
Jonathan Long is the Founder & CEO of Market Domination Media®, an SEO and online marketing consulting firm. Market Domination Media® also offers SEO coaching programs for companies and individuals that want to learn how to build their brands online using search engine marketing. Sign up for its weekly VIP newsletter for tips and news. Long also founded EBOC, an exclusive private community for entrepreneurs and business owners.
Jonathan Long
Jonathan Long
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  • Judy Caroll

    Thank you Jonathan for this share of information.

    I’m currently researching about tips for Twitter so that we may
    upgrade our efforts in the marketing department. Tweeting really
    isn’t as easy for me (well in my opnion) compared to Google+
    beacuse Twitter has that 140 limit.

    But I guess that it’s Twitter’s sort of way of training people
    to develop a sense of voicing out messages in a limited but
    still fruitful content that is both eye-catching and understandable.

    Despite all that, thank you again for shinning some light on
    tips for creating successful tweets. I’ve learned a lot and
    I hope to read more of your articles.