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Froogle Mobile Brings Comparison Shopping to Cell Phones

Froogle Mobile Brings Comparison Shopping to Cell Phones

Google’s comparison shopping search engine Froogle just released the Froogle Mobile service for cell phones. For phones that support WML (WAP 1.2), Froogle Mobile is accessible at The new offering will take Froogle out of the online world into the brick and mortar sector, making it easy to compare products from multiple vendors before even entering the shopping mall. Search Engine Guide’s Jennifer Laylock reviews Froogle Mobile and how it may Shake Up Your Business.

If you are a shopper, the answer is obvious. You can use your phone to spot check prices while standing in the aisle of a store wondering if you should buy it. Just last month I was out shopping for a new laptop backpack that would also fit a day’s worth of clothes (because the airlines have a 50% loss record with my luggage) before I headed out to San Jose for SES. Like most people, I did my research online, narrowed it down to a few options, then headed off to a brick and mortar store to view the bags for myself before making a purchase.

The problem was, I forgot to write down the shipping prices, so once I got to the store, I couldn’t figure out if I was getting a better deal at Best Buy or from eBags. I ended up deciding which bag I wanted, but waiting until I got home to check prices. (hey, I’m cheap, what can I say?) Sure enough, even with shipping, I found a better deal online. I placed my order and walked away happy.

Now, if I was using the new Froogle Mobile, I might have discovered that the price difference was negligible and that I should just walk out the door with my new purchase. Even better, I might have found out that Office Max, which was right next door, had the bag for less. As a searcher, that’s one nifty tool.

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Froogle Mobile Brings Comparison Shopping to Cell Phones

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