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Froogle Merchant Center Integrated Into Google Base

Froogle Merchant Center Integrated Into Google Base

Looks like Google’s Froogle has completed its Merchant Center and integration into Google Base. Barry Schwartz points to a message at the Google comparison engine, Froogle’s, Merchant Center about full integration into Google Base.

In case you’ve been wondering, the old Froogle Merchant Center has been replaced by Google Base. Your existing account information and bulk uploads (formerly known as ‘product feeds”) are already viewable there, and you can continue to upload your product data just as you did before.

And from the Google Base Help / Froogle Migration Center :

Where did the Froogle Merchant Center go?

The Google Base dashboard has replaced the Froogle Merchant Center. Your existing account and product information have already been transferred and are now viewable in your new Google Base account. From now on, when you click “Information for Sellers” on the Froogle homepage, you’ll be brought to a new sign-in page.

As well as on Froogle, your content should be viewable at; you can search there to verify that your products have appeared online after you post them.

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Froogle Merchant Center Integrated Into Google Base

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