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From Microsoft to Google, and Back Again : Insider Perspective

A Microsoft Engineer leaves Microsoft to work at Google, and then decides to head back to Microsoft after spending time in the Google development system.

Sergey Solyanik puts together an interesting read and comparison between the two companies, including how the perks at Google and social governance by peers lend to stronger teams and interaction but also result in questions over who is really in a management role.

He also sheds some light on issues Google is having with its Google Apps program and putting together a Google Docs competitor to Microsoft Office, enjoy :

… I was using Google software – a lot of it – in the last year, and slick as it is, there’s just too much of it that is regularly broken. It seems like every week 10% of all the features are broken in one or the other browser. And it’s a different 10% every week – the old bugs are getting fixed, the new ones introduced. This across Blogger, Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, and more.

This is probably fine for free software, but I always laugh when people tell me that Google Docs is viable competition to Microsoft Office. If it is, that is only true for the occasional users who would not buy Office anyway. Google as an organization is not geared – culturally – to delivering enterprise class reliability to its user applications.

Was this blog post approved by Steve Ballmer?

Read the whole story : Back to Microsoft

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From Microsoft to Google, and Back Again : Insider Perspective

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