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Friendster & Google Partner for Global Expansion, Advertising & Search

Friendster chose Google as its exclusive advertising and search provider today after not resigning with Yahoo, their previous search & ad provider.

Friendster, which was the first major social networking site that ironically fizzled out in the United States, is planning a global expansion which will build upon the success found in the Pacific.

Friendster is the social network of choice for the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia; and has become the MySpace of Southeast Asia.

More from Reuters:

Friendster has been rebuilding internationally and counts more than 37 million registered users in about 75 countries.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Friendster has sunk to become only the 35th most-visited Web community site, according to data from market research firm Hitwise Inc.

In Asia, the service attracts a younger demographic, aged 18 to 30, while in the United States, the Friendster generation has grown up, and now typically ranges from 25 to 35 years old, according to Friendster marketing chief David Jones..

I’m not sure of Google’s reach in terms of search and portal destination amongst Friendster’s users, but the deal could turn into a win win situation for both companies. Friendster appeals to a more International and (forgive me) third-world crowd if you look at its base in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Google is working to expand into South America, Africa and other countries which are now getting on the wired and broadband wagon.

I think Google sees a definite branding partner in Friendster amongst these newer population groups and sees in Friendster a bit of what Orkut has done in Brazil for Google.

And yes, this is a big loss for Yahoo.

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Friendster & Google Partner for Global Expansion, Advertising & Search

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