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Free Google Base / Froogle Submission and Optimization from SingleFeed

My friend Brian Smith of Comparison Engines and SingleFeed is currently running a promotion for Search Engine Journal readers to help them submit nd optimize their shopping cart feed for free to Froogle / Google Base. Cyber Monday is only 10 days away. If you’re not up on the shopping comparison engines, you’re potentionally losing out on valuable traffic. And since Google Base/Froogle is free, there’s no reason not to submit your feed:

Sign up for SingleFeed’s Google Base/Froogle submission service and we’ll waive the $9.99 fee for the first month. I’m only making this announcement on Search Engine Journal, Comparison Engines and on LoveYourFeed. It will not be found by going directly to SingleFeed.

Important things to note:
1. This offer is only valid for merchants with ecommerce sites that at a minimum accept credit cards or Google Checkout. If you’re an eBay or Amazon Marketplace only seller, for example, we can’t help you right this moment.

2. You will only receive 1 free month of service. If you don’t cancel your account, you will be charged only $9.99/month starting a month after you set up your account with SingleFeed. [Only $9.99/month to have SingleFeed manage and submit yor feed as well as give you optimization advice…that’s a steal!]
3. You will have to fill out our SingleFeed – which has more required fields than what you’re probably currently submitting to Google Base. It will take time to create the feed, but it’s worth it.
4. SingleFeed is a self-service system, but we’re here to help. We also give out free optimization advice as we manually look at every feed that comes in.
5. We recently added tracking functionality so you can see if Google Base/Froogle is driving clicks and conversions. Our tracking defaults to Google Analytics standards, but can be customized for other solutions.

Here’s how to take advantage of this offer:
1. Go to SingleFeed
2. Create an account and select the Submit to Google Base/Froogle service (although we’d be happier if you selected the Deluxe Submission service).

3. Immediately after signing up, send an email to ’support at singlefeed dot com’ with the subject line ‘Free Month’ or ‘I want my $9.99? or ‘Show me the money!’ and we’ll refund your $9.99 within 24 hours. You must send this email to us to get your money back.
4. Login to your SingleFeed account, read the FAQs, read the instructional notes, and create your single feed. If you don’t have a Google Base account already set up, you will have to create one (we’re not an agency, so we don’t do it for you), but we have clear instructions on how to do it…just click on the Engines section, then the Google Base/Froogle button, then ‘learn how to sign up’. It’ll take 5 minutes.

That’s it. Test out SingleFeed for free right now!

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Free Google Base / Froogle Submission and Optimization from SingleFeed

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