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IndustryBrains announced this week that it inked an agreement with to become the sole provider of contextually targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising listings on the site and in email newsletters. has partnered with IndustryBrains to launch the MarketPlace, a pay-per-click advertising program that allows companies-large or small-to reach C-level executives and business decision makers. With this new program, advertisers can utilize an auction bidding and relevancy ranking system to choose relevant content categories throughout the site, including Information Technology, Investing, Human Resources and Lifestyle.

“We’re pleased to be working with the IndustryBrains platform,” said Mike Smith, VP and General Manager of Operations for “With this technology we can run a customized PPC program, affording marketers to reach our highly desirable audience in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

IndustryBrains is an alternative to network search, giving advertisers more control over where their listings will appear (on high quality, branded sites). Such control of which publishers show contextual ads was a reoccuring complaint during the sessions held this week at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York. Currently, Google AdSense, the leading contextually targeted text advertising network, does not let advertisers choose which kinds of sites show their advertisements. Instead, the text ads are shown on all sites in the AdSense network which run content which is relevant to the keyword the advertiser is bidding on in Google AdWords.

IndustryBrains states that “To the advantage of publishers, advertisers tend to spend more for rankings, but in return get a higher quality lead than network advertising. A number of other sites have also tested other PPC networks and switched to IndustryBrains.”

“While delivering a higher quality lead to advertisers, our site-specific programs have consistently delivered a superior yield to publishers,” says Jason Kalin, IndustryBrains VP of Business Development. “After a complete evaluation of the options in the contextual PPC market, we are pleased to have been selected as a long-term strategic partner for”

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Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing ... Picks IndustryBrains for Contextual Advertising

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