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Forbes Begins to Serve Text Advertising Links in its Content

Forbes Serving Text Advertising Links in its Content
Looks like content embedded text links may soon become a normal part of online advertising. is reportedly serving links in their site’s content which directs users to online advertising landing pages and advertiser sites. The system is a growing form of contextual targeting which must be producing results, since Overture is working behind the scenes on it (in partnership mode) with IntelliTxt – the provider of these paid advertising links to Forbes.

From : has begun to embed advertiser links in its news articles, making it the first major Web news publisher to experiment with mixing ad units within editorial content. is the largest and most prominent Web publisher to sign on with Vibrant Media to use its IntelliTxt product, which displays advertiser hyperlinks on content pages. Yahoo’s Overture Services provides many of the paid links for IntelliTxt through its Content Match contextual listings program. Advertisers bid in an auction and pay only when users click through to their site.

Vibrant Media began offering IntelliTxt broadly in late April. The London- and San Francisco-based company, founded four years ago by former AOL executives, has signed up 150 content Web sites including IGN and Popular Mechanics., which Nielsen//NetRatings reports drew 4.8 million visitors in June, is the largest site to use IntelliTxt. It also has a reputation as a leader in online advertising, pioneering the use of ad-supported video and the half-page ad unit. It began showing IntelliTxt links in June as part of a test.

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Forbes Begins to Serve Text Advertising Links in its Content

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