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Flock’s Firefox Based Browser For Blogs, Tagging & Networking

Flock’s Firefox Based Browser For Blogs, Tagging & Networking

Flock is yet another browser is out in the market. Interestingly enough this new browser is based on the open source Mozilla Firefox code.

There is a minor difference between Flock and other browsers based on Firefox engine, Flock claims to be a browser built around social networking. People can blog from it and tag websites to share with other Flock users.

The group has released Flock 0.5pre Developer Snapshot for the beta testing community. It is being actively developed by a group of 15 young entrepreneurs housed in a garage just off the Stanford University campus in Northern California. It brings together a variety of services which are normally accessible by visiting multiple websites making it convenient for web users who Blog or share ideas on the net.

This browser is again being distributed under the Mozilla and GNU public licenses. Moreover, the startup is targeting the active base of millions of bloggers out there who would love the convenience of a browser, which understands their needs and usage pattern. It also comes with a RSS aggregator which has become a necessarily for anyone use uses the internet for staying up-to-date with news and facts.

Also interesting is the feature called The Shelf which can be used as a sort of scrapbook for people like on the web. Considering the application is yet to see its first version and is being actively developed, we are in for a great community friendly web browser for day-to-day usage! We love the support for WordPress and integration with Flickr. And this has potential to become the best UI for Gecko engine.

Sushubh Mittal, Tech Columnist and Resident Opera User – Sushubh Mittal, the Editor of TechWhack is a self described tech freak who loves to test out software and criticize the flaws in them.

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Flock’s Firefox Based Browser For Blogs, Tagging & Networking

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