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Flickr Users Revolting Against Yahoo Branding .. Again

I’ve been visiting Flickr for the past couple of days but I never really noticed that the site logo has already been changed. It now says “Flickr from Yahoo”.  I don’t even remember Yahoo announcing the logo change. Of course, Yahoo doesn’t really have to announce it, as Yahoo bought Flickr a long time ago and transitioned the login system to Yahoo IDs. Both which led to a lot of huffing and puffing by Flickr users.

Screen shot 2009-09-25 at 10.05.24 PM

However, hard-core Flickr fans whom a TechCrunch post termed as “techy hipsters”  are not happy by the presence of the Yahoo side by side with the Flickr logo. These “techy hipsters” according to Yahoo’s Carol Bartz don’t mix well with “middle America Yahoo.”

Disgruntled users have aired their sentiments at the Flickr forum site with many of the users blatantly saying that they don’t want to be reminded of Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr. The users who certainly did not like Yahoo even calls it as “stale” and the Yahoo logo as horrifying and ugly.

But despite the sentiments, the logo remained the same until now. Yahoo seems to be ignoring the comments posted by the very loyal users of Flickr whom if I may say so continued to use the site and make it as it is right now, albeit with a lot of support from Yahoo.

I’m not saying that Yahoo should heed the users demand but isn’t it going right through their new campaign slogan that Yahoo is all about You! Those Flickr users certainly belong to that so called – You, right?

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Flickr Users Revolting Against Yahoo Branding .. Again

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