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Flickr Launches Photo Stats Feature

If you think the Yahoo shortcuts for bloggers is way to cool, well here’s another one tool from Yahoo which would certainly be very helpful for Flickr photo uploaders.

Flickr Pro account holders will now have more control on whose using their uploaded photos with the new “stats” feature of Flickr. 

As the Flickr Stat FAQ puts it:

“…your stats on Flickr are designed to give you insight into the ways that people are finding your photos. There are stats available for people surfing on Flickr itself – where the referrer is – and stats about people coming from other websites. We can show you the sorts of things people search for on search engines where your photos turn up, and tell you how many views your photos have in a week, or for all time.” 

Isn’t that neat? Flickr pro account holders will need to activate the stats feature in order to get those useful stats from their photos. After activating, wait for 24 hours and the stats full feature will be activated. 

The cool thing about this new Flickr tool is that you can check the referrer link presented in the stats and see how your photos are used in the referrer’s site. You would also know whether your photos were used illegally. 

Here are some more facts about the statistical figures to be displayed by the Flickr Stats:

  • Stats are updated once a day
  • Account holders  views of own photos are not counted
  • Views and referrers when a page on is loaded are tracked
  • Views of  photos on external sites (like your blog) are not being tracked
  •  The “Search Engines” group of referrers counts traffic from most of the major search engines online, including Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN,, and
  • When reading search engine results, what people searched for to find users’  content are shown
  • links to individual Flickr members as referrers are not displayed

I’m still awaiting the approval of my account’s stats. Will update this post with actual live stats when my activation is approved.

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Flickr Launches Photo Stats Feature

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