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Flickr Interestingness Rankings & Yahoo Search

Flickr Interestingness Rankings & Yahoo Search

I’m a sporadic Flickr user, posting an image or screen capture from time to time, and have not really gotten as into the Flickr experience as I should be. Some of my friends, on the other hand, are Flickr Wizards; with Flickr generated business cards and seeming endless Flickr streams.

Bill Slawski, who has a secret passion for mobile digital photography, recently looked at the Flickr Interestingness Ranking system and some patents behind the metadata media ranking system.

Interestingness and clustering were first used in August of last year, as announced by Stewart Butterfield on the Yahoo Search Blog and the Flickr blog.

Blog posts about Flickr’s interestingness, and a February Flickr forum post on changes to the interestingness rankings, show a lot of interest in the “secret sauce” on how photos are determined to be interesting. A couple of patent applications were published by Yahoo this week that delve into interestingness rankings, clustering of pictures, and metadata associated with Flickr images.

With Yahoo’s recent relaunch of Yahoo Bookmarks, the technology behind the Interestingness system may become more relevant to the social defining of websites via tags and user generated meta-data.

More from Bill at SEO by the SEA.

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Flickr Interestingness Rankings & Yahoo Search

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