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Flickr Extensions for Firefox – Flickbar and FlickrFox

Flickr Extensions for Firefox – Flickbar and FlickrFox

For those of you who have Flickr photo blogging and sharing accounts and use the Firefox browser, there are two extensions which are of interest to you. Amit at Digital Inspiration identified the Flickr extensions which “let you harness the full potential of Flickr photos in your firefox browser.”

Flickbar is a Firefox toolbar which gives users easy access to their Flickr accounts and lets users easily search for photos by tags (instead of having to search for that link on the Flickr homepage). The second Flickr Firefox extension is aptly named FlickrFox. This add-on lets users browser through their Flickr photostreams in the Firefox sidebar and also lets users search Flickr photos.

Speaking of Flickr (which is owned by Yahoo), Yahoo 360 is now also supporting Flickr photostream uploads (well, started in July) to their local-networking-blog community along with offering feeds. From Yahoo 360 : “we’ve hooked up with Flickr so you can link to your Flickr photostream and show it off on your own 360? page. Whenever you upload new photos to Flickr, the display on your page is automatically updated. Plus, you can customize the number of photos displayed. This is a great way to introduce your friends to photo-sharing fun, Flickr style. “

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Flickr Extensions for Firefox – Flickbar and FlickrFox

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