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Firefox Extension from TurboScout Accesses 90 Search Engines

Firefox Extension from TurboScout Accesses 90 Search Engines

Firefox Extension from TurboScout Accesses 90 Search Engines launched a Firefox extension today which empowers over 27 million Firefox users to access original results from more than 90 search engines with just a click. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, majority of Internet searchers use multiple search engines to compare results from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and Ask Jeeves. Different search engines use different ranking methods and thus no single search engine can give users exactly what they’re looking for.

“To further simplify the searching process and enhance’s usability, a Firefox extension has been developed. This allows Firefox users to customize the browser’s in-built search box to search using,” said William Chee, founder of “Users can add this extension with just a click from, no download or installation is needed.”

By incorporating’s capability with the convenience of searching with Firefox’s in-built search box, Firefox users will be able to access original search results of multiple search engines right from their browser’s tool bar. “Over 27 million Firefox users can now harness benefits by adding the extension to their Firefox’s search box with just a click,” Ben M. Bois, the extension’s developer and founder of bookmarking service added.

Besides the Firefox extension offering, TurboScout also has a web based tool which gives searchers fast access to search results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories on a single web page. It’s quite useful and a timesaver.

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