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Firefox Easy Delete Button for Google GMail

Firefox Easy Delete Button for Google GMail

Firefox Easy Delete Button for Google GMail

I love Google and its web mail service Google Gmail. In fact, I have replaced most of mail ids to start using Gmail exclusively. The speed and the concept of conversations are fantastic. It makes managing emails fun. Furthermore, the service is free, features virtually unlimited web space and has free pop/SMTP support along with mail forwarding.

However, the concept of keeping all the mails forever makes it tough for people like me to delete some mails, which are not spam, and not worth keeping! Google has placed the delete mail option in a dropdown, which makes it a bit more cumbersome to delete mails.

Firefox users have a solution for that through an extension, which adds the delete button right on the Gmail interface. It is a bit weird at times as it displays after a user interaction on the Gmail interface rather than on load. However, it works fine and comes handy a lot… The script is compatible with the Deer Park edition and hence should work on all the Firefox versions around.

Check out Gmail Delete Button for Mozilla Firefox

Sushubh Mittal is the Editor of TechWhack and the Tech Columnist and Resident GMail Fanatic at the Search Engine Journal


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