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FireFox addons for Instant Website Statistics Package Detecting

Would you like to see what statistics package your competitor is using? Or check what the most popular statistics services are? Or maybe you want to see what stats counter is installed to have some additional information? The following browser addons will let you see the stats package of the site while you are browsing:

Yoast’s Greasemonkey script detects multiple javascript-based statistics packages: 103bees, AWStats, Belstat, Bobum, CheckIt SE tracking, ClickDensity, ClickTale, ClickTracks, Clicky, CrazyEgg, Enquisite, eXTReMe, Tracking, Google Analytics (both old and new), GoStats, HeadLight, HitTail, Mint, IndexTools, myStats, MoniForce, MS Gatineau, NedStat, Omniture SiteCatalyst, OneStat, Prophet, phpMyVisites, QuantCast, Realtracker, SiteStat, StatCounter, StatLynx, Stats4u, WebSideStory, WebStats4U, WebTrends.

When you have it installed you will be able to see the following message in the top right corner of the browser window after the page loads:

statistics detector

Counterpixel is a FireFox addon that detects the following statistics counters: Cybermonitor, eStat, eTracker, Google Analytics, Infonline (IVW), Nedstat Sitestat, OEWA, Omniture Sitecatalyst,, Piwik, Prospectfinder, Quantcast, Reinvigorate, Sitemeter, Spring, StormAnalytics, Webtrends, WEMF and WiredMinds.

The stats tool detected will appear in the status bar:


GA? is another FireFox plugin that checks only for Google analytics (this browser bookmarklet also works for Google Analytics only but it appears to detect only old script code). Another way to use it apart from detecting what your rivals are using is to check if each of your site has Google Analytics installed (in case you had to add its code to each page manually).

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FireFox addons for Instant Website Statistics Package Detecting

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