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Firefox 34 Released Today With Improved Search Bar, Yahoo As Default Search Engine

Mozilla released Firefox 34 today and with it came several notable updates, namely an improved search bar and the first appearance of Yahoo as the new default search engine.

Last month it was reported that Firefox would not be renewing its contract with Google, and instead form a strategic partnership with Yahoo to be the browser’s new default search option.

That change comes into effect today, though you’re still able to revert to Google as your default search engine if that’s what you prefer.

In addition to Yahoo being the new default, its user interface has been improved specifically for Firefox. Impressions so far say that it’s serviceable in most cases, but is noticeably lacking when it comes to queries that would normally trigger the intelligence of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The changes to Yahoo’s user interface will eventually be rolled out to all users, but for the time being its excessive to Firefox.

DuckDuckGo Added To Firefox As A Search Option

In other search engine news as it relates to Firefox 34, the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo will be making its debut on Mozilla’s browser as one of your options.

DuckDuckGo has also added some new features to its search results page just in time for its big debut, which should help users find more local results.

You can now boost results for a particular region or country with a new region toggle that you can turn on and off. The toggle is located on the right side of the search results page.

Also, if you’re not satisfied with the overall look of DuckDuckGo you can now change the theme via a new menu selection that will allow you to change the color and layout.

Whether the addition of Yahoo as Firfox’s default search engine, or the addition DuckDuckGo as a search option, will have any impact on market share is anyone’s guess at this point. We’ll have to see as time goes on.

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Firefox 34 Released Today With Improved Search Bar, Yahoo As Default Search Engine

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