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Firefox 1.5 Coming This Summer

Firefox 1.5 Coming This Summer

Mozilla has announced that Firefox 1.1 will not be released as planned and will be spun into the new Firefox 1.5 which is planned for release this August. According to MozillaZine “The Firefox Roadmap was updated on Wednesday by lead engineer Ben Goodger. It changed the plans from calling for an increasingly unrealistic 1.1 release this month to a 1.5 release in September. Firefox 1.5 Beta is now set for an August launch.”

Additionally, the Firefox developers blog confirms the plans for the future of Firefox:

We’re announcing this week that the next major release of both Firefox and Thunderbird will be version 1.5, instead of version 1.1 as previously announced. This change has been made to better reflect the level of fixes and feature enhancements which will be included in these releases. (Please note that despite what was reported on Slashdot today, we’re not “scrapping 1.1?, we’re only bumping the version number.)

Deer Park is the code name for this next release of Firefox, and this change will be reflected in the upcoming beta release which will be branded “Firefox 1.5 Beta”. This beta will be a feature complete general preview release of Firefox 1.5. Thunderbird will also be releasing a “Thunderbird 1.5 Beta”.

And incase you missed the news, Yahoo now has a toolbar for Firefox available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Yahoo says the new toolbar offers most of the Yahoo member goodies including anti-spyware tools, Yahoo’s “My Web”, and more personalized “My Yahoo” offerings.

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Firefox 1.5 Coming This Summer

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