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Findlaw Launches Family Law Center

Findlaw Launches Family Law Center

Findlaw, the law and lawyer search engine, has launched a Family Law Center with information for families, as ‘family law impacts nearly every household in the United States.’ I really don’t visit Findlaw much, but do remember that their head of marketing is one heck of an active audience member at Search Engine Strategies conferences. Additionally, for those of you out there looking for models of launching a helpful resource in an effort to build more content to your site and also for linkbaiting (attracting links instead of asking for them), this is a fine example.

From the release : The FindLaw Family Law Center features information on a full range of topics, including prenuptial agreements, cohabitation and marriage, divorce, child custody and support, and domestic violence. The site also provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand articles, checklists, legal forms and links to a variety of state-specific resources and government agencies. These resources are presented in a user-friendly format that enables FindLaw users to quickly and easily find the information that meets their specific needs.

“Our mission is to give people the information they need to make informed decisions,” said Scott Kinney, vice president and general manager of Thomson FindLaw. “We built the Family Law Center to be a helpful, trustworthy resource for those seeking a legal perspective of their relationship and parenting issues. And, FindLaw can help them find a local attorney who specializes in representing individuals with Family Law needs.”

How does Family Law effect us? Here are some interesting stats from Findlaw : “About 2.2 million couples will get married this year and 1.1 million couples will get divorced (yikes!), according to data from the U.S. Center for Health Statistics. The center also says more than 1 million adults live with an unmarried partner, and there are more than 100,000 adoptions annually.”

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Findlaw Launches Family Law Center

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