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A new search engine focusing on business and industry was released earlier last week. Find.Com is a very interesting tool that seems to combine the “clustering” format of Vivisimo with the variety of a meta-crawler search tool. Owned by Empire Media of New York NY, Find.Com works with search-technology developer TripleHop Technology’s enterprise search software, MatchPoint. Here is the explanation of the software and how the search tool works, copied directly from their About page:

TripleHop’s solutions were designed on the premise that the relevancy of search results depends on the task at hand and the intended use of the information collected, and thus changes with the context. TripleHop’s core technology combines the best of semantic and statistical analysis to bring unparalleled recall, precision and contextualization to your queries.

MatchPoint is based on a service oriented architecture that includes several layers. Functional layers include an Information Discovery layer that consists of a set of “intelligent” crawlers and connectors, an Information Processing layer that features most of MatchPoint’s extraction and categorization technology, which feeds the data model (or Information Model) layer. The Information Retrieval layer includes an automatic result categorization (clustering) technology as well as the cornerstone of MatchPoint: the Federator, which merges results from internal indexes with results from the search engine connectors and achieves normalization and cross-sources relevance ranking.

In other words, Find.Com may have built a better mousetrap by combining several successful techniques into one technology.


Jim Hedger is the SEO Manager at StepForth Search Engine Placement. Jim has over years 10 years of Internet experience as an entrepreneur and over 3 years as an Internet marketer.

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