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Where to Find Great Topics to Write About When Blogging

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Where to Find Great Topics to Write About When Blogging

When was the last time you wrote a post for your blog, but didn’t know exactly what you were writing about? That happens sometimes when you feel like you need to write a post just for the sake of getting something out there – but don’t actually have anything in mind. Instead of just trying to put something out there, try brainstorming different ideas or interesting ways you can spin older content.

No matter what you are going to be writing about, it’s important that the end-user finds value in it. Some of the most popular sites on the internet have generic information that everyone already knows, but they spin it in a way that people find interesting and then share with their friends.

I’ve listed some fun and creative ways for you to come up with new content for your next blog post.


Blog Lists

The first way to find a topic is through list posts. People love making lists of stuff they enjoy writing about, and there is a good chance your blog readers will enjoy these list posts as well. Just start a number and take it from there, such as, “3 Reasons to Start a Niche Blog Today.” The great thing about lists is that they can be applied to any niche and people love to reach through them as most are short and loaded with pictures for easy viewing. Here’s a great example from a blog list on SEJ – Best Blogs about Startup Entrepreneurship.

How-To Posts

In addition to lists, how-to topics are also hot in blogging. Why? Everyone loves finding instructions that are easy to follow and helps them to complete their task. Choose any how-to topic such as “how to bake pizza in a toaster oven” or “how to start a business”. Visit Google and start throwing in some questions to see what comes up, then try to answer them. When you are writing your post be sure to focus on quality and try to provide the best content and solution so people will share your content over others. Write clearly and use your own voice for a fun, informative blog post.

Reviews & Recommendations 

No matter what niche you are in, blog reviews and recommendations are always useful. You can write reviews on almost anything…products, restaurants, hotels, music, movies, books, and gadgets. Just make sure you have actually tried them out before writing your review. That way, you can truly express your thoughts and experience. If your blog is focused on a specific product or industry, reviewing products are one of the best ways to generate more sales and leads through your site. Over 70% of consumers are now looking for reviews online before purchasing a product. (source:

World Events

Current events are wonderful topics as well. People always want to stay updated on what is happening around the world. You don’t need to have a “news” blog to write about world news. See if you can take what’s hot in world news right now and apply it your current blog audience. Twitter Search is a great free tool for seeing what people are searching on and commenting on right now.

Blogging Tips

If you have a “blogging” or “Wordpress” blog, then your personal advice and tips can go a long way. Thousands of new people start a blog everyday, which means there is still a great demand for blogging resources and tutorials, even at the most basic levels. Every blogger wants to be a bigger and better blogger, and millions of searches are performed in this niche alone everyday.

See What Other Top Blogs are Writing On

There is no better way to see what is hot in your blog niche right now than to see what other top authority blogs are writing about. This doesn’t mean you have to copy their content, but you can create all new content around what they are talking about. For example… if Mashable or TechCrunch just wrote an article on a hot new startup that is getting a lot of attention, you can create an article on your site about the same startup, but why you think it will succeed or fail. Not only is this a great way to come up with new content, but it’s also great for increasing engagement and comments on your blog.

Link Roundups

Link roundup are another clever technique many bloggers are using when they are looking for topics to write about. To do this, write a post including a list of links to other blog posts publishing great posts or to those websites that you like. This is also a great way to get other sites to link back to yours and share your link roundups as well. You can see an example of a SEJ Link Roundup here. With that being said, don’t just share a link to a website – back it up. Explain why you find the site useful, and what value it could bring to your users.


Interviews are always a great way to provide value on your site and can help you come up with an endless supply of content. Interview a popular person or expert in your blog’s niche weekly or monthly. In addition to interviewing other bloggers and creating content for the site, it’s also a great way to get other people to promote the content as well.

Google Trends

The last great resource for you to utilize for coming up with creative new blog ideas is to see what people are currently searching for on the internet. This can be anything from world events, what’s trending on social media, sports and entertainment news and much more. Google created Google Trends to allow anyone to see what the hot search on the internet right now are. This tool can be used to create and spin new ideas for blog posts in many different niches.

When it comes to writing blog content, you are writing to engage with your audience and not just push something new out there.  Pushing out uninspired, poorly written articles because you “have” to reflects poorly on your blog and can affect your rankings. The best articles are web content that people find value in and then share with their friends, social networks or even write about on their own sites. If you don’t find value in your own content, why would someone else?

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