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How to Find Google Employees at Google Webmaster Help Forum

Google Webmaster Help Forum is one of the best places to get advice and recommendations on how to improve your site visibility and rankings. Love it or hate but Google did a good job at helping webmasters find out what you are doing wrong. There are a few very smart people participating in forums and if you are lucky enough you will have Google employees investigate your issue and answer your questions.

I often track Google employees’ posts to catch some useful advice from them. So today I am sharing my list of Googlers who are more or less active at Google Webmaster Forum:

Susan Moskwa:

(Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google )

Susan is a very responsive and smart forumer. She’ll be the first to investigate any Google search bugs you’ll be able to find. Hear her speak at SEOmoz (on Webmaster Central features) and at Google Webmaster Central blog (on Geo-Targeting group).

John Mueller

(Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google )

John seems to be the most active at Google’s forum among Google’s employees. You can also reach him at Twitter (and yes, he tends to answer questions if you address your Tweet to him).

Michael Wyszomierski

(Search Quality team at Google)

One of the best Wysz’s contributions that comes to my mind immediately is his post on ways to hide content from Google and Google’s reactions (mentioned at SEJ).


(Search Quality team at Google)

Evan T

Jonathan Simon

(Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google)

Matt Cutts

(Head of the Webspam Team at Google)

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How to Find Google Employees at Google Webmaster Help Forum

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