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Find a Google Advertising Professional

Find a Google Advertising Professional

The Google AdWords Google Advertising Professional is a course and quiz to award an individual or company of being a preferred Google AdWords ‘broker’. The program works with AdWords managers at Search Engine Marketing agencies to become experts in managing multiple campaigns under Google AdWords and awards its graduates with recognition, a Professional Logo and AdWords advertising credits (think mileage points).

Teddie Cowell from Neutralize mailed me today with some info on a new site they’ve launched which is a way for businesses to find Google approved search marketing agencies and individuals to manage their paid search programs : whoisaGAP.

Teddie writes :

Given that the new Google third party policy and best practice funding has a specific requirement for two Google Advertising Professionals (GAPs) within a company to run campaigns, which is actually a good thing in terms of recognition of the effort individuals and companies invest in getting qualified; wouldn’t it be worth knowing just who is a Google Advertising Professional (GAP)?

We thought so too, but surprisingly finding out who is GAP qualified is actually very difficult and Google doesn’t publish the info anywhere, yet lots of people claim to be GAPs. So far we have found 211 of the studious buggers. Click on the letter links above to view them categorised by name or click here to view all Google Advertising Professionals

If we’ve missed anyone (we have deduped against Yahoo! and Google results so hopefully not) please email with your Google Advertising Professionals verification link.

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Find a Google Advertising Professional

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