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Feedster’s RSS Feed Job Search Engine

Feedster’s RSS Feed Job Search Engine

RSS is hot and RSS search engines continue to get hotter by taking advantage of all of the bandwidth draining RSS feeds that are literally running all over the web for all different types of content oriented sites. Recently RSS search engines have concentrated on the RSS feed innovators including blogs, news feeds, and political commentary sites by making indexes of such targeted content searchable. Now Feedster is taking a new step into condensing the feeds of job offerings into a searchable database which can even be read via a news aggregator.

The new jobs RSS search features a latest jobs feed and localized job search, sorted by date and relevance. For example try a search for Internet Marketing in Baltimore or modeling in LA, both show excellent results from craiglist, blogs, and individual sites. I tried a search for President in Washington, DC, according to Feedster there doesn’t seem to be a job opening for that position.

RSS powered search devices and aggregator sites (like Yahoo news) are changing the way information is shared online. Such options for RSS powered search can also include forums search, comments search (on blogs), shopping feeds searches, dates, and instantly indexed site search. If you have not integrated RSS into your content driven website, now is the time to start. Read more on putting RSS feeds on your site.

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Feedster’s RSS Feed Job Search Engine

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