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Feedster Powers AOL Personalized RSS Reader

Feedster Powers AOL Personalized RSS Reader

Feedster Powers AOL Personalized RSS Reader

Last week AOL announced they had launched My AOL, a personalized homepae/portal which lets users set up their homepage to deliver the content that the user wants (like My Yahoo or Google Home Page). Part of the personalization is an RSS feed reader which is powered by Feedster, a leading RSS search engine. The Feedster powered reader is featured on the “My AOL” page for consumers who want fast access to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for updates of news and content they care about.

“By enabling consumers to create their own personal home page on to manage all of their sources of online information in one central location, My AOL provides a convenient solution for a usually time-consuming ritual: visiting multiple Web sites and blogs multiple times each day to catch up on news,” said Kerry Parkins, Director, Audience Products, America Online. “By leveraging leading technology from Feedster, AOL is able to provide an easy and fully personalized way for people to discover new RSS feeds and create their own virtually real-time information journal.”

Feedster’s proprietary technology platform crawls the Web continuously fetching updated posts and RSS feeds. This enables delivery of a fresh index of information from millions of sources more frequently than traditional search engines. As a result, Feedster has the largest index of RSS feeds. It leads the market today with a rapidly growing searchable index of over 11 million RSS feeds and hundreds of millions of XML documents.

“AOL is one of the first to make RSS easy-to-use for mainstream Internet users. With My AOL and My Feeds, AOL is continuing its industry leadership in making new technologies accessible,” says Scott Rafer, President and CEO of Feedster. “We’re thrilled to be AOL’s partner powering My AOL’s Feeds and Search. Together, we will demonstrate to AOL audiences and the online industry the growing power of RSS feeds.”

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