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Feedster Includes Kanoodle Ads in RSS Feeds

Feedster Includes Kanoodle Ads in RSS Feeds

Feedster, Inc. today announced the launch of its RSS feed media program. The Company’s RSS search feeds will soon contain context targeted ads from Kanoodle, Inc., a leading provider of sponsored links for search results and content pages. Alternatively searchers may opt to pay $10 per year via PayPal to receive ad-free results under a Creative Commons license.

“Feedster delivers the most relevant search results from professional news sources and individual commentary,” said Scott Rafer, CEO. “Integrating ads will help us grow our business. However, we think users should have a choice as to whether ads are included in their feeds.”

To further their commitment to keep the public well informed, the Company will donate 10% of the license revenue to Tech Soup, a trusted technology resource that offers a variety of information and services for the benefit of the nonprofit sector.

“Kanoodle is committed to providing our partners with the most relevant ads and our advertisers with access to the best audiences,” said Mark Josephson, SVP Marketing and Business Development for Kanoodle. “Because our contextually targeted sponsored links rely on a topic-based rather than a keyword targeting system, our ads are more relevant to content. Feedster’s customers will now receive the highest quality sponsored links alongside their RSS content.”

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Feedster Includes Kanoodle Ads in RSS Feeds

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