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FeedShot RSS or Atom Feed Submit Service

FeedShot RSS or Atom Feed Submit Service

Want to get your blog or site’s RSS feed submitted to 18 different blog and feed search engines in one click of a button saving you about an hour or so of work? Well I just read on ThreadWatch about a new service called FeedShot that’s submitting your feed for free.

Again, this is a feed submit service, not a site submittal service. Site submittal to search engines services became obsolete in the late 1990’s along with Altavista, Sega, and the Macarena (HEY Macarena!). Do not use or pay for site submit services.

Back to the future, FeedShot gives your blog a shot in the arm with submittals to Bitacle, Blogdigger, BlogStreet, Bloogz, DayPop, EasyRSS, Fastbuzz, FeedsFarm, Feedster, Fuzzy Software, IceRocket, NewsMob, Ngoid, Planet of the Blogs, PubSub, RubHub, Technorati and WeBlogAlot. Additionally, FeedShot is planning on adding submittal to Google Blog Search, Genecast, Blogdex, Blogarama, and Blogwise.

If you’re looking to distribute your RSS or Atom feed even more blog and feed search engines and directories and have about 48 hours on your hands, also check out MasterNewMedia’s RSS Top 55, which started as a list of the top 55 places to submit your blog or RSS feed and is now featuring 135 places to register or submit your feed.

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FeedShot RSS or Atom Feed Submit Service

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