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FeedDemon RSS Aggregator Updated by Bradbury

FeedDemon RSS Aggregator Updated by Bradbury

Growing popularity of the RSS Feeds on the web has led to a stage where RSS Aggregators have become as much a necessity as a word processor or an email client. We already have a range of feed readers available from web based to offline applications. While Bloglines recently made news after it was acquired by the popular search engine Ask Jeeves, here is another news on the same topic…

A popular client based RSS and ATOM reader FeedDemon has just received an update from the developing company Bradbury Software. They claim that their aim is to simplify the way we the users read the information on the web. And their latest version is an important step in that direction.

Their latest version has following new additions:
–Powerful podcasting tools to automatically download audio files and copy them to your iPod or other media player (that’s right – FeedDemon supports media players other than the iPod!)
–Integration with Bloglines and NewsGator Online Services
–Flickr and search channels
–Per-channel newspaper styles
–Improved popup-blocking under XP SP2
–Support for favicons throughout the user interface

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Sushubh Mittal is the Technical Consultant for Search Engine Journal and Blogs at TechWhack and Software Journal.

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FeedDemon RSS Aggregator Updated by Bradbury

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