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Feedburner Launches RSS Advertising Network

Feedburner Launches RSS Advertising Network

FeedBurner has launched its RSS advertising network as part of its expansion of subscription services for publishers. The FeedBurner ad network has attracted a number of well known publishers across business and consumer publications, newspapers, marketing and technology sites, and popular bloggers.

Among the initial participants are the online properties of SmartMoney and such IDG publications as PC World, CIO, Computerworld and CMO; media, technology and blog networks Corante, Ars Technica and Gawker Media; and bloggers including Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine, the Daily Kos and Joshua Micah Marshall’s Talking Points Memo and TPMCafe.

“Advertisers require detailed and accurate subscriber information and the data FeedBurner provides us on our syndicated audience is absolutely essential to our ability to market the media and forecast the inventory,” said Chris Batty of Gawker Media.

FeedBurner’s RSS advertising network is organized into channels to allow marketers to reach consumers who have opted to receive specific categories of content from publishers via regularly updated online subscriptions. The advertising channels range from traditional categories like business, technology, current affairs and consumer electronics to entertainment and an Internet-centric category called digital culture.

FeedBurner’s advertising channels will continue to evolve as the diversity of feeds and number of subscribers expand. Publishers can choose from a variety of ad units and determine the frequency with which the ads appear in their subscription feeds. FeedBurner’s ad network is open to publishers with a consistent base of more than 500 subscribers.

In support of this minimum, FeedBurner offers a variety of services to extend publishers’ subscriber reach including: BuzzBoost for cross-promoting multiple blogs or podcasts; SmartFeed, which ensures content is optimized for a variety of devices, including mobile phones; and PingShot, a notification service that enables feeds to be updated as rapidly as new content is posted.

“We’ve spent the last two years innovating and optimizing our publisher services in order to provide the most accurate subscriber statistics and ad performance metrics on the market today,” said Brent Hill, Vice President of Business Development at FeedBurner. “Our measured approach has allowed our publishers to confidently represent their subscriber numbers and, as a result, attract high-profile brands to advertise in their feeds.”

Duncan Riley is the Editor of Blog Herald and one of the founding members of the b5media Blog Network.

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Feedburner Launches RSS Advertising Network

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