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Feedburner-Google Integration under way, Adsense on RSS to push through

When Google acquired Feedburner last year, one of the changes that were announced was the integration of Adsense ad units into Feedburner members’ RSS feeds. Nothing much has been heard about this since then, until now.

The official Feeburner blog has announced that as part of the full integration of Feedburner into Google applications and services, Adsense units will soon be served on RSS feeds. This integration will affect both Feedburner advertisers and Adsense advertisers, although it was not stated how this integration would be carried out. I guess we all have to wait for an official announcement from either Feedburner or Adsense very soon.

Likewise, starting next week, Feedburner users can now login to their Feedburner accounts using their Google accounts. Users who don’t want to use their Google accounts to access their Feedburner account will also be given an option to redirect their feeds away from Feedburner. (I wonder why anybody would want to do this?).

Although advertising on RSS has been going on for quite some time now, it has not able to make some stride for the simple reason that it doesn’t suit well with the nature of RSS feeds. And many still prefer to have their daily dose of RSS feeds in its native form minus the ads and all. At least, we can always opt out of Feedburner if we don’t want to desecrate our RSS feeds with Adsense units. Now, that’s comforting enough.

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Feedburner-Google Integration under way, Adsense on RSS to push through

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