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FeedBeep Mobile Blog Monitoring Powered by PubSub

FeedBeep Mobile Blog Monitoring Powered by PubSub

PubSub and Santa Cruz Tech today announced the launch of FeedBeep, an Internet-driven service providing real-time RSS alerts to Short Message Service (SMS)-enabled phones and mobile devices. FeedBeep utilizes PubSub’s prospective search technology to monitor RSS feeds and the blogosphere – using keyword search. FeedBeep then forwards important events in the form of alerts to subscribers’ cellular phones or other SMS-enabled mobile devices.

PubSub is a free service that monitors more than nine million Internet sources on users’ behalf and notifies them instantly when things they care about are published in blogs, press releases, SEC filings, newsgroups and other sources. PubSub’s real-time offering is called *“prospective search” for its ability to alert on new information as soon as it appears.

“Prior to our relationship with PubSub, FeedBeep used a retrospective search pull-and-match engine that required “spiders” to crawl the whole Internet around the clock,” said Jay Campbell, president, FeedBeep. “By tying in PubSub’s prospective search real-time matching engine, the job of information hunting and gathering was instantly less time-consuming, more accurate and continually updated. As a result, FeedBeep became an order of magnitude more powerful overnight.”

Using PubSub, FeedBeep delivers instant access to potentially critical news. For example, when a press release is published containing keywords or phrases requested in users’ subscriptions, FeedBeep alerts those subscribers via SMS. In this example, public relations professionals and reporters would receive instant notification of breaking news important to them, without having to continually monitor dozens or hundreds of Web sites from their computer.

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FeedBeep Mobile Blog Monitoring Powered by PubSub

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